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Australian who died in 90 minutes explains what the 'Afterlife' is like

Australian who died in 90 minutes explains what the 'Afterlife' is

Alistair Blake suffered a heart attack in January 2019 and his wife found him dead when she woke up. She tried to revive him with cardiopulmonary resuscitation until an ambulance arrived.

Doctors continued to perform CPR for more than an hour using a defibrillator. After 90 dramatic minutes, the heart started beating again.

When he woke up everyone asked him how the 'Beyond World' was. Alistair explained in detail that there was "nothing", no sounds, voices or lights. He said the experience was so traumatic that his brain had blocked out everything.

"Technically, I was dead for 90 minutes. Many people ask me if I saw anything. No, I didn't see anything. There were no lights, nothing like that.'

Alistair returned home after 12 days in hospital and says his near-death experience has given him a completely different approach to life.

The 61-year-old reduced the number of hours he worked in order to see more of his friends and family. He also eats healthier and exercises more.