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Actress Lory Del Santo tells how she survived the death of three children

Actress Lory Del Santo tells how she survived the death of three children

Lory Del Santo today, 63 years old, has told about the tragedies of her life and how she rose again to survive. He lost not one, but three children.

The first was her son Conor Clapton, who fell from the 53rd floor of a building in New York when he was 5 years old. The event happened on March 20, 1991. The cleaner had left the window open.

"Fate consists of seconds. Two seconds ago, this would not have happened. Who knows how many times certain things didn't happen for two seconds and I survived. I keep thinking the kids are still there. I'm like buried alive. I feel as if they threw the soil at me with a shovel and in the meantime I look at everything", says the actress.

In 2018, her son Loren committed suicide. In 2019, Del Santo revealed that his son suffered from anhedonia, a disease that makes it impossible to enjoy normal activities such as eating, being in the company of others, etc.

Recently, Lory shared that in the 90s, another son was born, prematurely, who lived only two weeks and died of an infection.

These were not her only tragedies in life.

The actress also spoke to Corriere about the death of her father, who died when she was only 3 and a half years old: “My father in the coffin. The only memory I have of him. "I couldn't explain why he was sleeping in a bed that wasn't his," said Del Santo, stating that the few memories she has as a child, other than those of her father, are related to her mother. who "did not understand me. He never believed me, he didn't believe me all his life."