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A month without Klodian!

A month without Klodian!

By Albatros Rexhaj / Friday marks one month since the murder of Klodian Rasha. A tragic and shocking event, about which now almost no one talks.

I experienced the tragic death of Klodian very badly, because I thought that we had already left behind the days when Albanians had to be guarded by the police. But I have experienced almost as badly what I consider to be a completely unethical protagonism - the snobbish parade of those who turned the Rasha family tragedy into an arena of personal promotion. I have also experienced the use of the legitimate anger of all of us by various anarchists, who tried to turn this tragic death into an opportunity to turn the "logic" of the street into a social norm. Equally, if not more so, was the initial attempt by various exponents to relativize the murder (there were no criminal records, no weapon was found far away, etc.).

In a debate on "Albania live", on TCH, immediately after the murder, I had raised my concern about this phenomenon, saying that, with this kind of unethical protagonism, the murder of Klodian is in danger of being treated as a surprise that lasts only three days ".
Indeed, while few speak today of Klodian; whereas no civil society organization and none of the arrogant protagonists who had taken over the screens has engaged in concrete proposals for appropriate reforms in the law enforcement sector; while state institutions did not see fit to set up an internal commission that would re-evaluate all recruitment procedures for members of the Order, then a commission to deal with the need to monitor the mental health of members of these forces and other similar measures that a normal state authority would have to take without thinking twice; while even the opposition does not see fit to deal with the concrete side of this problem, but it was enough with a little rhetoric, enough to be within step - all this clearly shows us that now, in the Albanian environment, even the biggest surprise, even when it comes to serious tragedy, lasts only three days, enough to make a parade on TV and to gain some publicity on social media. And all of this is not only embarrassing, but also troubling.

We must not forget for a moment that, instead of Klodian, it could easily have been any of us. If as a society we do not learn from these tragedies, if we are not able to improve ourselves and the institutions that act and speak on our behalf, if we are not able to say "enough" to the protagonism at the expense of the tragedies of others, if not we can say "enough" to the bad habit of any government that is rinsed with media apologies, but without accompanying it with any concrete action (in this case that of the vital need to restore the citizen's trust in the state police), if not we are able to say "no" to anarchy that leads us nowhere, then all of us, as a generation and as a society, have failed and, no doubt, history will judge us.

I expressed my prayer to Klodian's family members that they continue to have strength and patience, but also faith in justice. If not to ours, then to the justice of the almighty Creator.

Never forget this tragedy!