Filozofia Urbane

Who really is a VIP?

Who really is a VIP?

Are VIP characters like Elvana, Noizy, Jonida, Ledri, Getty, Luana, Stresi, Valdrini and others from the world of showbiz and media that are On Top of public attention?

A few days ago, during a TV debate with model Tracy Sejdini, photographer Felix Bilani said that the VIP qualification belongs only to certain figures (such as the President or the Prime Minister) and not to people from the showbiz world. Of course this did not please Tracy who then bombarded her in her style.

I think like Felix, meaning that the VIP qualification belongs only to people who have a certain public responsibility. VIP status is given by a certain institution, eg a private company gives VIP status to the director, the army gives VIP status to the commander, the state to the heads of state, ie all of them, within their work context, have responsibilities and consequently the situation their own also has an impact on the condition of others. For example, if the director of a company is kidnapped, the whole company suffers and other similar comparisons.

The VIP setting does not apply to the world of showbiz, so it is all a projection, a mirage.

In my opinion, not a few of my colleagues from the world of art and media, who have a lot of desire to play the role of VIP, making VIP only reveal their complexes, above all that of inferiority.

I love your opinion too!

In your opinion, who really is a VIP? What do you think about showbiz stars who declare themselves as VIPs? Which of them can really be considered VIP and everything else you think is important on this topic.