Filozofia Urbane

Two words about Albana Osmani's brave bitch

Two words about Albana Osmani's brave bitch

"What in the battle with artificial intelligence" is the first novel in Albanian literature that successfully lies within the genre of science fiction, but, at the same time, is one of the best books dedicated to the young Albanian reader. And the beautiful thing is that, as a little older in age, I did not feel excluded from the world of this book, moreover for a moment I was jealous why in my youth I did not have such a book. I read it with one breath and I can say nothing but: Albana, bravo!

Each of us can discuss certain gradations of style or even some entirely subjective detail, but there is no doubt that this novel introduces Albanian literature among those world literatures that create within all genres. The genre of science fiction, founded by the visionary Jules Verne, is not a new genre in world literature, but in Albanian literature this genre has been bypassed. This is probably due to our complexes as a people, above all the inferiority complex that small and poor Albanians can not have ideas that extend beyond the horizon of the known physical reality. Albana Osmani changed this and the success of her book should be enjoyed by all of us.

The tug-of-war against artificial intelligence, both a creative and awe-inspiring concept, carries within itself a whole world of figures and messages that communicate directly with many details and phenomena from the daily routine of our folly. But discovering them is part of each reader’s personal journey, so it is not fair for me to impose my views.
The young Albanian reader, but not only the young, need to have their science-fiction heroes, even in this field we are obviously late. Çika e Albanës bravely enters the world of Alita, Supervajza and other heroines, and this should be a point of reflection and encouragement for all young Albanian artists and thinkers who are still reluctant to reveal their science-fiction ideas.

I am very aware that the remnants of Marxist criticism, which still claim to be the owners of absolute truth, do not agree with these thoughts of mine, while some other hyenas, deep in the shallow basin of their insignificance, in an attempt to to minimize the success of Albana, they try to attribute the success of the book to other factors, completely trivial (not this, not the TV, not there, not here ...), but these gossips are nothing but the last thunder of a dying mindset.

Albana Osmani's successful debut as a science fiction writer is a product of her courage, which, like many other heroines around the world, fights not only against the evil that is seen, but also against what is hidden in the hearts of people. . A war that is now being transferred to Albana, but also to anyone else who dares to try something new.