Video / Basha said 40 or two people?

Video / Basha said 40 or two people?

Lulzim Basha was today in a meeting with farmers in Berat. He stopped to visit the farm of Hysen Gushti, who told him that due to the pandemic, out of 50 employees, only 10 remained.

And Basha's response caused confusion. In the video that Basha posted on Facebook, in the subtitles below it is said: 40 ë escaped? But in other videos, in subtitles Basha said: 2 people fled.

How is the truth?

In many cases, Basha is confused with numbers. But is this also the case? Some hear it as 40, and others hear it saying two people.

Listen to the video yourself and tell us: 40 or yourself?