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What should you never say to someone who has suicidal thoughts?

What should you never say to someone who has suicidal thoughts?

When it comes to suicide people associate it more with cases where someone hurts themselves. In fact suicide should be viewed in a broader spectrum. There is a very little discussed gray area. These are cases where people are struggling with their mental health to the point where they just don’t want to deal with it anymore; They do not have a concrete plan to kill themselves, but neither do they have much desire to live. Many people live for years in the gray area.

This is called passive suicidal ideation. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people who experienced suicidal ideation in a given month during the pandemic doubled since 2018. In 2019, data showed that about 12 million people thought seriously about suicide.

However, since not everyone accepts this fact, it is believed that the number of people with suicidal thoughts is even greater.

Since yesterday was Suicide Prevention Day, the Huffington Post has posted a manual of everything that should not be told to anyone who has such thoughts. The doctor, only he will know how to advise.

Just get rid of those thoughts, don't think anymore.

In fact these people should face their thoughts and not let them sleep. This is healthier than repressing them for a while. So do not suggest this.

Are you thinking of suicide? Really?

In any case, this expression is in fact offensive and prejudicial. It also depends on the tone of voice you use, but be careful anyway.

You are overdoing it

Never judge. You can never know how much a certain situation hurts someone. Who are you to weigh Who exaggerates and who does not? You will make it feel worse.

Suicide is a bad thing, it's a sin

everything you believe about suicide is just your opinion. This is not the time for lectures. Your job is to listen more than to speak.

Are you still feeling this way?

And why should the feeling be wrong?

Yes your life is so okay

Situata është më shumë se kaq. Vetëvrasja është më shumë se kaq. Mos u përpiq t`i bësh moral.

Si mund ta mbështesni vërtet dikë që nuk dëshiron të jetojë

Mendimet për vetëvrasje, edhe nëse dikush nuk është në krizë, nuk duhet të injorohen.

Kur dikush ju thotë se ka mendime vetëvrasëse, është e rëndësishme t'i merrni ato seriozisht, por është gjithashtu e rëndësishme të kuptoni natyrën e mendimeve në kontekst.

Hapi i parë që duhet të bëni është të përpiqeni të përcaktoni se ku janë në të menduarit e tyre. Pyeteni sa shpesh i ka këto mendime.

Nëse dikush nuk është i lumtur që është gjallë ose lufton me mendimet si 'pse jam edhe unë këtu?', por nuk është në krizë të menjëhershme ju duhet të jeni të pranishëm, të qetë dhe mbështetës. Nuk është koha për t'i thënë që do ta telefononi më vonë dhe do të shihni se si ndihet ose nëse e ka kaluar.

Acknowledge their feelings and listen. Listening without judgment is one of the best ways to support someone who feels this way. Then, help them realize that they can benefit from professional help.

Finally, know that talking about suicide will not encourage someone to act, but will help them get the support they need.