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10 signs that you are experiencing depression even without feeling sad

10 signs that you are experiencing depression even without feeling sad

We all have a pattern on the head of a depressed man. We think there are always sad people, who constantly feel bad, sad, who cry and display despair at every moment. But that is not the reality.

The truth is that the symptoms of depression vary a lot, that is why one can post selfies over and over again on Instagram and at the same time be experiencing depressive moments.

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered this condition. But if you have never experienced it before, it can be difficult to identify it because you can confuse it with the feeling of sadness.

The Huffington Post consulted with several mental health experts to help highlight some of the signs that may indicate a state of depression - even when sadness does not appear.

You are overwhelmed by general fatigue, which should not be confused with pandemic passivity

Appetite changes drastically. You can eat more than usual, or less. Sometimes you have a pronounced lack of appetite.

Slightly irritating and aggressive.

Social habits have changed subtly. When you have no desire to meet friends you once could not wait to meet.

When you lack the energy to take care of yourself. For example, you have neither the power nor the desire to shower or brush your teeth.

When you work hard. More than usual.

When experiencing long periods of stress.

When libido (sexual desire) is at low levels.

Sleep habits have changed.

You are extremely sensitive to rejection.