Vodafone Albania is again rated as the No. 1 network in Albania for 2023 as well 

Vodafone Albania is again rated as the No. 1 network in Albania for 2023 as

The evaluations of Umlaut, one of the leading international companies in testing the quality of digital infrastructures, have been exceptional for Vodafone Albania this year. For the third year in a row, Vodafone, the number one mobile phone operator, has not only emerged as the best network in the country, but has also scored "Outstanding results in the reliability of fixed services" for this year.

Umlaut has analyzed the quality of mobile and fixed networks in Albania, testing the performance of voice services, data transfer and customer experience.

Based on Umlaut's independent testing, Vodafone Albania has again received the highest scores for network performance indicators in Albania, with a significant margin from its competitors. The results of these tests emphasize once again the high standards in the quality of services offered by this operator in telecommunications.

The certification of Vodafone Albania as the best mobile network in the country comes for the sixth year, while it has been evaluated for the third year also for the best fixed network. These achievements in the network tests are not a coincidence, but are the result of continuous investments in the network infrastructure and the maximum commitment of the company, to ensure that the customers of Vodafone Albania experience the best experience.

Vodafone Albania has been and will always be a pioneer in bringing new technologies to the market, 3G, 4G and soon, even 5G. This next achievement is once again the guarantee that the largest telecommunication operator in the country is keeping the promise given to customers for the best service in mobile and landline telephony.