Spring comes with One Albania!

Spring comes with One Albania!

Spring announces its arrival with many signals, with the blooming of flowers, the arrival of swallows, the lengthening of the day and the revitalization of energies.

In Albania, this seasonal event is summed up in a special day, to be celebrated on March 14.

This year, Summer Day was dressed in purple and yellow colors, to convey the energy and positivity that are already identified with the operator One Albania.

On this day where the activities filled the streets of Tirana full of people, what stood out was the evening show. One Albania chose to deliver messages to Albanian citizens through 500 drones, creating images in the sky. This performance received the attention of thousands of people and filled social networks as pride that Albania had the first such performance in the region and the largest in Europe.

Another important event was the concert in Skënderbej Square with the well-known singer Enisa, where some selected admirers had the opportunity to meet her, as part of a game that One Albania offered on Instagram. At the same time, a party was also held in the area of ??the former Block, for those who prefer another type of music, the electronic one. Between the sun, music, street games and colors, everyone had the opportunity to find their own space to have fun. This is also the philosophy of One Albania to place the needs and preferences of the subscriber at the center of the activity and to offer services where everyone finds themselves fulfilled.

One Albania comes after the merger of the first fixed and mobile operators, maximizing the synergy between the infrastructures to bring even better services. By reinforcing the network with fiber optic backbone lines, internet speed has increased by 30%. 5400 km of optical fiber have been laid, with the aim of bringing it to every home and every city in Albania.

During the press conference, senior representatives of the company revealed their ambition for One to become a favorite brand, not only in Albania and Montenegro, where it is already present, but also in the wider region.