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He grew up in social housing, but social networks gave him fame, Khaby Lame's inspirational words

He grew up in social housing, but social networks gave him fame, Khaby

"I have never allowed anything to separate me from my dreams. When I want to reach a point, I push myself until I have no strength left in my body."

Khaby Lame has 162 million followers on TikTok and more than 80 million on Instagram. His success began during the pandemic when, in his room, he recorded two minutes of silent videos with his funny and unique facial expressions. At his side he has a new manager, Nicola Paparusso, who is a family friend and is also the founder of the African Fashion Gate association which fights racism and discrimination in fashion.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, he spoke about the difficulties of being born and raised poor, in social housing, when children dream and as they grow up feel abandoned.

Isn't it a little scary to have such big dreams?

"The problem is expectations. In social housing (where I lived), for example, children try to dream. But then as you grow up you realize that you are abandoned. I mean black people, white people, Chinese people, Indians. All. Abandoned. During the elections, the incumbent councilor would come with popcorn and Coca Cola to make promises. And then he disappeared forever. So it's hard to dream. As a result, you can start doing the wrong things, hanging out with people who are not good," he said.

Further during the interview, he says that luckily he did not suffer racism because in the social houses where he lived, everyone was of the same level. I also mention the Albanians here.

"I can only speak for myself, not really. I have not suffered from racism. I was lucky enough to grow up in social housing, because everyone is there, from Moroccans, Romanians to Albanians. How can you be racist?".