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The 'handcuffing' season, the 10 signs that someone loves you enough to spend the winter

The 'handcuffing' season, the 10 signs that someone loves you enough

It is officially the season of handcuffs, a magical time when falling temperatures and intricate Christmas events make people madly want to make connections.

The crazy desire not to be single for the cold months can make going out on dates a bit of a minefield.

Some people, really, will want to be with you only until spring comes, while others will enjoy people completely wrong with them, just not to stay single.

It is essential to be on the lookout for these connections that come as a result of the desire of others not to be alone in the winter, in order to know exactly what ‘dance’ you are getting into.

But how do you tell if someone loves you just for the sake of not staying alone in the winter and is likely to break your heart as the weather starts to warm up again?

Relationship expert Neil kilkie breaks down 10 warning signs:

1- Never talk about the future

2- Communication never deepens

3- In fact you do not know much about them

4- Do not meet their family or friends

5- Wait, are they hiding you?

6- The real connection is missing

7- There is no real commitment

8- It is fun, but it feels a little empty

9- There is no increase

10- There is no trust