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How can keeping a diary help improve mental health?

How can keeping a diary help improve mental health?
During adolescence, you probably kept a diary in which you could express your doubts, fears, and joys without thinking that you would be judged.

But as many people grow older, they stop keeping a diary.

A recent study shows the great physical and emotional benefits of this small block. At a time when days are intertwined, the diary is helping people clear up the disturbing thoughts that occupy their head.

Finding a healthy way to express yourself is one way to deal with any tiring emotions. And the diary can really help alleviate the worries. The experience may not always be pleasant. Sometimes you may even need to push yourself to sit down and write about your emotions. However, in the long run, through this routine we can expect to strengthen mental health.

Why does the diary work?

Keeping a diary is a way of discovering and emptying emotions instead of keeping them inside, which is known to be detrimental to health. Thus we are able to organize thoughts and feelings on paper, identifying thoughts and beliefs that cause stress.

But in the diary it is not necessary to throw only the negative thoughts or events of the day or week. We can also express some beautiful emotion, or event that no matter how small and insignificant it may seem at that moment while writing it creates the feeling that the glass is not half empty.