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Few children are born, because not everyone is ready to change their life for someone else

Few children are born, because not everyone is ready to change their life for

The fertility crisis stands alongside the climate crisis. There are two crises related to the most difficult word "End". The end of the world we have been talking about for years. And if the climate crisis is not measured by fixed numbers, the fertility crisis is.

Lower births automatically mean less parenting.

However, more and more people want a child at all costs. It seems like a contradiction. But it isn't. A child will carry your name into the world and keep you alive long after your death. It is a guarantee of immortality.

But a child is also the bearer of great fear. First of all: will I have the money to keep it? Will I have time to take care of it? Will I be able to protect him from a violent and savage society? Will I be able to teach him to think with his head? Underneath these questions lies the one who is forbidden to ask: Will I want to change my life for him? Family is not written in stone, but in history. That is, it is a cultural product.

But now, what is family?

A partnership from which participants should benefit. But also a place of individual freedom. Our habit of receiving instead of giving certainly does not help to create a family. Better alone, or better with two. Less risk, less anxiety. Children can die in accidents, get sick from pollution, be raped and molested, get drunk at 12, take drugs at 14, play deadly games fueled by the internet.

Being a parent is hard work, apart from working outside the home to bring home the income. Poor parents trying to get out of poverty have challenges, but rich parents trying to maintain their position also have challenges.