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Successful couples share 3 key values

Successful couples share 3 key values

Old sayings are often ingrained in our brains. But some should stop, says dating expert Rachel DeAlto. When it comes to dating, if you want to find a long-term partner, it can help to abandon the "opposites attract" mindset.

"Everyone thinks that opposites attract, but the reality is that similarities are what you can build a foundation on," she says.
Three values ​​in particular can determine whether a relationship will be long-lasting, according to her.

Finances, family and lifestyle

Many people confuse personality and values. Two people who have completely different personalities can be suitable for each other. However, their values ​​and goals must align.
Successful couples typically have the following values ​​in common, says DeAlto:

Finances: They agree on how they want to spend their money

Family: There is a shared vision of how they plan to start a family or take care of their family

Lifestyle: They like to spend time in the same activities.