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Six myths about falling hair

Six myths about falling hair

According to dermatologists it is something rare, if not impossible not to have hair loss because losing a few hairs a day is something normal, a phenomenon which we all fight.

From lack of proper hair care routine to a messy lifestyle, hair loss can happen for many reasons. While many of us seek out hair care products to solve such a problem, some also fall prey to myths that 'promise' to completely eliminate hair problems.

But do they work? Not always. Take a look at the popular hair loss myths that have been refuted by dermatologists.

Myth : Hair loss can be 'cured' forever

Fact : The words cure or permanent can not be used when it comes to skin and hair care, as these cells grow every day. You need to make daily changes to maintain their health. Loss of some hair strands is normal, there is nothing to cure. If you have strong hair loss, then the cause must be found. Hair loss is not a disease in itself, but a manifestation of an imbalance that occurs in the body or on the scalp. Even in this case we can not mention the term 'cure', however the imbalance can be treated.

Myth : Always use shampoo without SLS (sulfate)

Fact : SLS helps in the formation of foam. People with oily scalp need SLS in shampoo to cleanse properly. Only people with very dry or sensitive scalp should use SLS-free shampoo.

Myth : Castor oil helps thicken hair

Fact : Castor oil forms a layer on the hair and can make them look thicker, but does not increase the number of hairs in an area.

Myth : Powerful oil massage reduces hair loss

Fact : Oily massage does not affect hair loss, but it does help relieve stress, which in turn can help. "But strong massages should be avoided as they can worsen hair loss."

Myth : Frequent hair combing improves hair quality

Fact: Excessive combing can damage the cuticle and make hair more brittle