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Two acts of kindness saved four lives, one of which was mine

Two acts of kindness saved four lives, one of which was mine

In a monologue for the Italian program "Le Iene", Ermal Meta has shown his mother's emigration to Italy with a fake passport.

In the story, he tells how the kindness of two strangers changed his family's life.

"That woman (his mother) did not trust anyone. One day a stranger approaches him on the street and tells him that he has heard things, terrible things that will happen to him. She is afraid, but she trusts him. The stranger advises her to leave, but she doesn't know how to do it. He offers to pay for a foreign German passport. He doesn't want anything in return. It only asks for a passport photo. When she asks him why he is helping her, he replies that he is not only doing it for her, but also for her children.

After that, the woman leaves the children with her mother and takes the ferry that she hopes will take her to an unknown but better life. It passes the checks of the Albanian police without difficulty and so the next day around 07:00 the ship it is on enters the port of Brindiz.

However, arriving in Italy would be more complex than expected. At the checks, an officer notices that fake passport: He seems to have figured it out already. "This passport is fake, you know?" he says in a low voice. "Yes, I know", she admits. "I can't let you pass, I have to take you back."

The woman cries trying not to be seen by others. Then I take out a photograph from the bag": "These are my three children. If I return, there will be no future for them." Upon hearing this, the officer takes her passport and stamps it.

"She is free to go." She wanted to hug him, but she couldn't. "Go, and good luck!" the officer tells her, showing her the door to her uncertain future.

Two acts of kindness saved four lives. Among those lives was mine. Be polite. You can save someone.”