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Are discussions with your partner turning into quarrels? Here's what to do

Are discussions with your partner turning into quarrels? Here's what to do

Have you ever tried to discuss work, personal or financial issues with your partner? And did the discussion end up getting bored? You two, often, end up in quarrels and are never able to make a joint decision? Do not worry. It is common. Not that your relationship is bad or you two were not created for each other. It is only a reflection of differences in opinions.

Here are some things to look for when selecting yours.

Listen to your partner's words

Most quarrels occur because one partner, or even both, are unwilling to listen to what the other has to say. While it is okay to think of yourself as a perfectionist and a master at handling situations, it is also important to listen to your partner's advice or opinion. This will help you make better and more common decisions and eliminate quarrels. So even if you do not agree with your partner's thinking process, stay calm, explain to him where you are wrong and what you think will be the best option. Involve them and seek advice.

Do not interrupt when he / she is talking

Most of us have a bad habit of losing patience and interrupting people as we talk because we think they have nothing wonderful to share. However, it is too early to make a judgment. Therefore, be patient enough to let the person complete and then give your opinion or suggestions. Become the greatest person when it comes to compromise. Do not let your ego ruin your decision-making process.

Never dig up old memories

Forget what happened in the past. Focus on the new scenario and try to make a joint decision. Do not insist on being right. Give space to the other person, appreciate his efforts and appreciate his words. No one wants to make a bad decision consciously. Be wise enough to forgive and not repeat the same old things. This is where your maturity comes into play. And when you are mature enough to focus on the present and the future, it can make the other person realize his or her own mistake. Finally, never play the blame game.