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Do employees have to constantly flirt with new jobs?

Do employees have to constantly flirt with new jobs?
It is said that it is forbidden to look for work during working hours. It may not be fair to look for a job after work. It can be considered a constant flirtation, just like the one you do when you have a partner, but you also look at someone else.

After the period of isolation due to the pandemic, the labor market is constantly looking for workers and people are constantly looking for jobs so it is not a bad thing to look for work while you have a job.

Some are considering current jobs as stressful, others are re-evaluating their lives and careers and are more open to making moves.

The situation is in favor of employees

Due to the high need for manpower, bosses around the world are more than aware of who is in charge of the situation. In Germany, Europe's largest economy, employers are struggling to recruit talent, but also ordinary workers. In addition to relatively high wages, a four-digit relocation bonus is being offered in Germany for those moving to Berlin from across Europe.

Today if the candidate does not receive a response within 24 hours to complete the interview, it may be too late according to experts as people may have several job offers to choose from.

But how much is this phenomenon in the best interest of the employees?

While workers may benefit from labor-intensive businesses, there are some doubts as to how this new phenomenon in the labor market could undermine employees' connection to work. This happens when employees focus more on bonuses and pay instead of focusing on job satisfaction.

Moreover, starting from scratch is not easy. Constantly changing jobs means adapting to a new culture in the workplace, which of course takes time and energy.

So currently workers have time on their side, they have the opportunity to carefully evaluate new options, take advantage of the hot job market and maximize their opportunity.