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4 questions you should not ask in a new relationship

4 questions you should not ask in a new relationship
A new relationship is about butterflies in the stomach, long conversations for hours and constant emotions.

However, a new relationship is as exciting as it is subtle. It therefore requires extra care, as even a small mistake can lead to unnecessary disturbances that you may need time to bypass.

It is best not to ask these questions to your new partner in the first place.

How many connections has there been in the past?

This may seem like an appropriate question for many people, but it is a sign of courtesy not to ask about previous relationships until you feel more comfortable with each other.

So if it's a relatively new relationship and you really want it to last, wait a while before asking how many relationships she has had in his or her past.

Who decided to end the relationship?

Many people tend to ask their partners whose decision it was to end the relationship. You may judge that you have every right to know about another's past, but do not dig deep into memories.

Give yourself time and space to show yourself instead of bombarding her with uncomfortable questions from the beginning of the relationship.

Are you serious with me?

A new relationship is not about lifelong commitment. This is the harsh truth. A relationship can sometimes start from attraction that can later turn into love.

In another case, it could just end as you two did not complement each other. Therefore, such questions may not speak well of you as a partner.

When will we get married?

This is something that you both need to put together. If your relationship has just begun, stop shortly before uttering the word marriage. This can make the partner feel unwell and may even feel fear and danger.

So instead of rushing into things, look at how things will develop on their own.