Shakohoxha: Duke is doing everything to trick the election result, they are diabolical

Shakohoxha: Duke is doing everything to trick the election result, they are
Dritan Shakohoxha, candidate for president of FSHF has reacted harshly regarding the elections that were held today for the head of the Football Association in Tirana. In an interview for the show 'Sport News' on 'News24' Shakohoxha said that attempts are being made to rig the elections.

"It is being tried to rig the elections. Today became a very ugly trick. At the meeting were people who had nothing to do with football. This is the first time we are given the list of delegates. Fraudulent lists, why are they afraid of voting? Tricks have been done everywhere. "Zero transparency", said Shakohoxha.

"The 15 names that have been added today to the Tirana Association are really a really criminal abuse. I believe it is criminal for you to invent 15 people, 15 delegates to trick the result. Imagine how far behind the Federation was in the result in front of the others, so how much the Federation was losing as it had to invent 15 delegates to trick the result. In 53 delegates, he added 15 more, "he added.

Shakohoxha went even further when he said that the Albanian Football Federation today functions as a bunker. "As is the list of voters that you never find, so the bills or payments that the AFF makes you never find. It really is a bunker. Maybe this is the thing that scares them the most as they are fighting so hard, that I do not find a motive why you have to fight with any weapon, without any moral limit, without any savings to keep the Federation. "Maybe they are scared that if they are not there, whoever is coming can find things that they are very much in danger of."

According to him, this voting process today was zero.

"The decision that was taken today was null, because you can openly manipulate, that you will go to court. We will address our members first. The football game in Albania has lost fair play. The last message is: Why is the Albanian Football Federation afraid to publish the names of the delegates? Why is the AFF afraid to fight fair play with a vote and why is the AFF doing everything to trick the result of the next elections? ” said Shakohoxha.