"There was no transparency" / Myftaraj: Duke introduced people who had nothing to do with sports!

"There was no transparency" / Myftaraj: Duke introduced people who had

The head of the Albnet Football Association, Alban Myftaraj spoke on 'Studio Live' on Report Tv with the journalist Arbër Hitaj after the manipulation of the elections that the AFF made for the election of the new president of the Tirana Football Association.

He says the election process was completely manipulated and not fair. Myftaraj said that when they entered the hall where the elections would be held, they were faced with faces that were not part of the sport at all, and the scandal goes even further when they voted for the new leader Krenar Alimhemeti.

"We were informed about the meeting we would have for the election of the Tirana association, until the entrance inside the hall it went well, then here the stick started. There were over 67 people in the hall and some of them we did not know from the sports section. It did not seem right to us to make a choice and things get to that point. Each of us has football teams, we do not find it reasonable for a choice to start on a lie.

We entered an electoral process, we did not know the people we will vote for, we asked for the lists, if they had a quorum we would give them a hand, at the moment you do not have the numbers, but in this kind of form and pride itself does not accept it to be one. "Why was the transparency so rigid", said Myftaraj for Report Tv.