Armando Duka's candidate wins the election for the head of the Football Association, here are the accusations for this result

Armando Duka's candidate wins the election for the head of the Football

Krenar Alimehmeti, the candidate of Armado Duka, the current President of the AFF has won the election for the Head of the Football Association in Tirana with 44 votes. He competed against Eduard Prodan, who received 2 votes. The result has been followed by many accusations against Armando Duke. It was Eduart Prodani together with 20 other delegates, who refused to take part in the voting and left the premises of FSHF before the process took place, because according to him the lists were fictitious, out of 41 members of the Association, 67 delegates were called .

"There were faces there that we had never seen. Whether they came from the Moon, whether they were aliens, no one knows. This was a manipulated assembly. "We could not stay in it," said Prodani.

Dritan Shakohoxha, candidate for President of the ALF, said: It is being tried to rig the elections. Today became a very ugly trick. At the meeting were people who had nothing to do with football. This is the first time we are given the list of delegates. Fraudulent lists, why are they afraid of voting? Everywhere they have done tricks, zero transparency. The decision taken today was null. That you can openly manipulate, that you will go to court. We will address our members first. The football game in Albania has lost fair play. The last message is why is the AFF afraid to publish the names of the candidates? To fight fair play by vote.

The head of the Albnet Football Association, Alban Myftaraj told Report TV: We were informed about the meeting we were going to hold for the election of the Tirana association, until the entrance inside the hall it went well, then here the stick started. There were over 67 people in the hall and some of them we did not know from the sports section. It did not seem right to us to make a choice and things get to that point. Each of us has football teams, we do not find it reasonable for a choice to start on a lie.

We entered an electoral process, we did not know the people we will vote for, we asked for the lists, if they had a quorum we would give them a hand, at the moment you do not have the numbers, but in this kind of form and pride itself does not accept it to be one. Why was transparency so rigid.