The story of the lost 3-year-old, who was taken from his mother by his grandparents and never returned to him, and love justifies everything

The story of the lost 3-year-old, who was taken from his mother by his

For 6 days, a mother from Durrës does not know where her 3-year-old son is.

He is looking for it everywhere, in the Police, in the media, on the streets, on the web... Everywhere

It was last Saturday when he entrusted the boy to his grandparents. Her husband passed away a year ago as a result of a car accident.

As she told the media, she left the house where she lived with her father-in-law and mother-in-law after her husband's death, despite their insistence that she stay with them. Perhaps to ease the pain of losing his son...

The same pain that they may have wanted to alleviate by taking their grandson from his mother's arms.

The bride, very young in age, in her early 20s, says that she did not open any court with the husband's parents. Because of their pain, I have given my son to them as many times as they wanted - she says - without determining fixed dates of meetings with the court.

Only after two days passed and the son was not returned, he went to look for him.

"We live nearby, in the marsh in Durrës," she says.

The doors were closed.

After reporting her to the Police, the father-in-law was arrested. It does not accept anything. It doesn't say anything about where the boy might be. His wife and his wife's brother, where the boy was thought to be kept, are also missing.

What happened? Where is the 3 year old? Can he be called safe in the hands of the grandmother who treacherously took him from his mother's hands and does love justify everything?