Tragedy in Bulgaria / When will the answer be given about the exact cause of the accident?

Tragedy in Bulgaria / When will the answer be given about the exact cause of the

The main cause of the tragic accident on the Struma highway in Bulgaria should not be sought in the condition of the road. This is what the president of the "Road Safety" Association told BNT.

Rumen Milanov added that at the scene he inspected the part where the accident took place with 45 victims. According to him, the widening of the highway and the railings surrounding it are at a sufficient distance from the right lane and should not cause problems for drivers despite the darkness and amortized signs.

Milanov said he expects the examinations to be completed within two weeks and to have clarity on the movement and condition of the bus before the accident.

According to Milanov, the issue of the appearance of sudden and so intense fire remains unanswered. According to him, oil should not cause such burns.

The president of the Association of Experts, Simeon Ananiev, said it was extremely important to determine how fast the bus was moving just before the collision. This will also answer questions about the occurrence of fire afterwards.

He stressed that it is very important to determine the condition of the bus, as well as how old it is. These days it became clear that the burnt bus was traveling with the documents of another vehicle. Therefore, neither the age of the bus nor its technical condition are clear at the moment.

Ananiev also said that if the bus was actually three years old, it is strange that modern intelligent protection systems, which assume automatic door opening in case of smoke, have not been activated.

Macedonian investigators have not yet confirmed the real condition of the bus before the accident and why the vehicle entered and left the Republic of Northern Macedonia many times without the necessary documents.