Bulgaria will pay at least 13m euros to the families of the bus victims

Bulgaria will pay at least 13m euros to the families of the bus victims

Bulgaria will have to pay up to 13m euros for the victims of a bus accident on the Struma highway if the road situation turns out to be the cause of death.

Following the grief comes the action of justice for the families of the victims of the tragic car accident on the Struma highway, writes the Bulgarian media "Blitz".

"The blame for the accident is complex, both for the bus driver and for the infrastructure in the accident area," said lawyer Nikolai Dimitrov. According to him, in the first reading, the driver did not respect the road conditions, which had a decrease in visibility, but on the other hand it can be proven that the fault lies with the road conditions, namely its infrastructure and maintenance.

If a parallel is drawn, the tragedy in Svoge, where 20 people lost their lives, showed that the road had problems, so its design was problematic. Relatives of the victims can claim non-pecuniary compensation.

"The case is complicated because the death toll is high and the limits of third party liability insurance on the bus in northern Macedonia are limited and will not be able to cover all the claims of the plaintiffs," said lawyer Dimitrov.

Calculations show that the money from the insurance will not be enough even one tenth to cover the damages. Thus, if the guilt of the parent Agency for Road Infrastructure (RNA) is proven, most likely all family members will seek compensation, complaining about the situation on the road, as Bulgaria is the place where the accident took place.

Experts from Bulgarian insurance companies comment that the amount is expected to reach at least 25m leva (12.5m euros).

Between 100,000 125,000 and 100,000 25,000 euros can be claimed from each parent if their child dies in an accident.

The road service has often been convicted of non-maintenance of sections and poor construction, court practice shows. Civil cases can take about a year and a half, and criminal cases longer.

According to initial information, several major Bulgarian law firms have already offered assistance to the Macedonian government in defending the interests of relatives before the court.