Soon a plan for arranging the space around the 'Mother Teresa' Airport

Soon a plan for arranging the space around the 'Mother Teresa' Airport

Very soon, a plan will be launched to systematize the entire space around Rinas Airport, which is the main gateway to Albania. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj held today a meeting with representatives of airlines, which operate from the Airport "Mother Teresa", within Tirana, the European Capital of Youth 2022, from where he stressed that the time has come to end the occupation of land and illegal construction.

"We have made a decision to make a plan of the entire space system around the airport. We can not have an island of civilization surrounded by garbage, and then to move back to an island of civilization, called the Municipality of Tirana. You have noticed that the Municipality of Vora has planted trees, ARA has started asphalting and the closing of every space will begin. Not every field can be opened and turned into informal parking. It is horror for the image of a country. It is very important that we show cooperation here as well ", declared Veliaj.

The Mayor stated that it is unfortunate that the culture of 30 years of land occupation is also on the borders of the airport.

"This is an airport called Tirana Airport, but in fact it is not in Tirana. The track starts in the district of Tirana and ends in the district of Durrës. The road starts in the municipality of Nikla and continues in Vora, and only at the turn of Kashar we enter the highway of Tirana. It is unfortunate that the culture of 30 years of land occupation, cracking of road axes, lack of respect for the state, unfortunately is also on the borders of the airport. This is one of the only places where you can find with the permission of the former municipalities that no longer exist ", said the mayor Veliaj.

He assured that within the task force group that will be set up, the Municipality of Tirana will give its contribution to improving the image of the area. Veliaj requested the cooperation of airlines to welcome passengers who choose Tirana as their destination.

"In the Municipality of Tirana we will give our contribution, but also as part of this task force to have the same beauty, aesthetics, order and international spirit that this island has, which is called Tirana Airport, to continue. We do our part, in terms of the entire outside of the airport, for the seizures and illegality that occurs with the split axes in this government task force, while we will seek your cooperation with that smile of "Mother Teresa" to offer the most excellent hospitality ", said Veliaj.

For the year of the European Capital of Youth, the Municipality of Tirana has prepared the organization of over 1000 activities, which include young people.