From the Sports Palace to the end square of the New Boulevard, Veliaj lists the projects of the third mandate

From the Sports Palace to the end square of the New Boulevard, Veliaj lists the

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has stated that within this mandate, the work on the construction of the Western Terminal in the capital is expected to be completed. In a television interview, Veliaj listed some of the projects where the municipality will be focused in his third mandate. He added that the project is being prepared for the financing of the end square of the New Boulevard, an area which he emphasized will be a "new Tirana" in terms of development in the next 100 years. Two projects that the mayor highlighted were those of the "Selman Stërmasi" stadium and the "Asllan Rusi" sports palace.

"With the construction of the Eastern Terminal, a large part of that traffic, mainly vans, buses coming from the districts, from the southeast, has been moved there. Now we have started work on the Western Terminal, so I want to resolve that situation within this mandate. The terminal will be in the same place at Kthesa e Kamza. Of course, we will move some of the buses that are at the Sports Palace, which are international lines, since that is where the measurements will start, to the Eastern Terminal, and while we will try to make half of them provisional for the buses within the same yard. north, northeast and south and the other half will be the part where the Terminal will be built. We have to prepare the final project, we are in the last details before signing the financing for the end square of the New Boulevard which, in my opinion, solves the axis and backbone of Tirana forever. It starts at "Mother Teresa" square, there is the central part where they are all exactly like the organs of a city, from the metaphorical side "Skënderbej" square has all the important organs of the country, "Dëshmorët e Kombit" Boulevard, we have done all The New Boulevard, plus the "Zogu i Parë" boulevard from scratch with all the modern infrastructure", declared Veliaj.

He also stopped at the large fair center that is expected to be built between Farka and Lundra, a joint project with the government. On the other hand, Veliaj also spoke about the free economic zone between Kombinati and Kashari, which, in addition to infrastructure, will bring a new economic reality to both of these areas.

"A project we are working on with the government concerns a large fair center. We have a very solid relationship with the municipality of Verona. We want to have a similar fair center between Farka and Lundra with "Fiera di Verona", the biggest wine fair. Meanwhile, Unaza will have a connection with the free economic zone between Kombinat and Kashari, near the Tirana sewage plant, a very large piece of land, most of it has been municipal, we have also expropriated the corners that were land barren and is turning into a division where the silos of the companies that will work in the free economic zone of Tirana will be. But, not the Tirana of 2013 or 2015, where we targeted the silos of fashioners with very low wages, today we target the silos of those who want to make automobile parts, bio-technology parts, information technology, electronic technology. So, jobs that pay better salaries. And especially for the population of Kombinat and Kashar, in this triangle I think we have a super asset connected to the port and the airport, with the voltage lines, roads, sewers, water, lights, we are making an investment not only to fix the infrastructure, the asphalt , lighting, this is not the innovation, the innovation is what we will do to produce a new economic reality", underlined Veliaj.h