From April 1, the salaries of Tirana's municipal police officers will increase

From April 1, the salaries of Tirana's municipal police officers will

From April 1, the salaries of all Tirana municipal police officers will increase. The mayor Erion Veliaj announced the news during the meeting of the Municipal Council. He praised the work of the Municipal Police uniforms, which Veliaj said only during the summer day managed to find 2 lost children in Tirana who then reunited them with their parents.

"The time has come that after so many years, those people who work harder, who eat more abuse, also for our fault and for that I apologize, should be rewarded. When I see that a child is lost in Tirana, "Dita e Verës", endless people in the square and for 1 hour not only is the child found and he stops crying, - there is always a lady there who manages to calm him psychologically as well when they come the parents, - but within the hour the parents are found even if they are in a suburb, if they have forgotten, or if that wave of enthusiasm has taken them. In the whole "Day of Summer" with 100 activities, we had two cases that we managed to find within a few minutes. So, the Municipal Police, except for those who don't want order and don't want their Lamboghini or Ferrari to have a fine, because otherwise they lead to these fine portals,

The mayor said that this police force has changed and improved a lot over the years, highlighting the fact that many women and girls have joined it.

"The Municipal Police has changed 70% of the force, because I'm not saying that we found an excellent force, so where the force, or the municipal police make a mistake, they run away. But where the policeman is right, where he is not even violating the person selling on the street, but politely telling him, "Please go to the market that is over there, 20 meters", where he helps children who get lost, where he helps discipline city, now the only people who complain about the parking lots are the same people who also complain about me being fined. Well now if he takes it on the sidewalk, or blocks the entrance to the building, he will definitely get a fine. But I am a great analyst and I will complain about this at dinner. Complain wherever you want. The Municipal Police does this work with great dignity and the fact that today we have 100 girls in the Municipal Police, - Municipal Police when I came here in 2015,

In the end, the head of the municipality pointed out that this increase will be made simultaneously with the increase of the minimum wage by the Government. "Of course, the decision to address the increase in municipal police salaries is also influenced by the government's decision to increase the minimum wage, i.e. from 34,000 Lek to 40,000 Lek on April 1st, so we are satisfied with the increase in salaries of the Municipal Police and comes into force on April 1, along with the increase in the government's minimum wage," he said.