'Learn to claim your rights', AMK publishes the questionnaire for the consumer

'Learn to claim your rights', AMK publishes the questionnaire for the

"Can I get my money back if I return the goods? No, we are not allowed to! ” This is arguably the most common situation that any of us can have had, as if once in a lifetime, when it comes to the buyer-trade relationship. On the other hand, the pandemic further complicated such relationships, especially when it comes to online shopping, which has increased widely in the last two years.

Since this situation directly affects the pocket of each of us, sensitivity has led us to think that only here we are talking about violated consumer rights. But, not every time a customer relationship arises, a special right of his is violated. Many times, what is violated is a general right of the person. Therefore, if we do not know what our rights are, and then our obligations as a consumer, we will not even know how to claim them.

For this reason, the Consumer Protection Agency, part of the Municipality of Tirana, has launched through the official website a questionnaire ( http://mbrojtjakonsumatorit.al/pyetesor/ ), which focuses on informing and educating consumers in the capital. Not only that, but through the data that will be generated, the local institution seeks to understand how informed the citizens are about the issues that directly or indirectly affect their daily lives. It is also important that consumers in the capital are shown the way how and where they can seek protection of their rights. The Consumer Protection Agency is one of those doors where they have to knock. Therefore, it only takes seconds to complete this customer-friendly questionnaire!