For all the hypocrites who today want to hide their muzzles behind the bust of Skanderbeg!

For all the hypocrites who today want to hide their muzzles behind the bust of

Today, Erdogan's visit was accompanied by a new conspiracy theory, or another.

There were those who linked this official visit as by no means a coincidence on the day of the death of our national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu.

Erdogan's visit to Tirana was mainly motivated by the inauguration of the reconstructed palaces in Lac, with full funding from the Turkish government.

Erion Brace has made a strong reaction to the conspiratorial voices regarding this visit: ORDER;

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE SPEECH / Today in Lac, the president of #Turkey, handed over the keys of his country by #TERMETI;
Therefore, it is worth expressing gratitude to the people of #Turkey, the government and President Erdogan for the generous, concrete and timely assistance to 522 families in LAC;
Thank you with all my heart!

SOVEREIGN POLITICIANS AND HYPOCRITIES WHO WANT TO HIDE THE SURRAT IN THE BUST OF GEORGE KASTRIOTI / It is shameful that today, sovereign politicians discovered that on a day like this Gjergj Kastrioti passed away. January 17 has been years, and years ago, for years there was January 17, but none of these hypocrites remembered Gjergj Kastriot.
Even when someone imposed a whole year on Gjergj Kastriot, they, exactly, shouted that he was getting off Gjergj Kastriot from the horse to become a HERO himself!

PER URREJTESIT INJORANTE QE NUK DINE ASGJE MBI HISTORINE, ROLIN E GJITHKUJT NE TE/ Injorante zgjohuni! Nuk ka ardhur ne Shqiperi sulltan MEHMETI; LUFTA KA MBARUAR SHEKUJ TE SHKRUAR, nuk po ju pushton njeri. Ne kete vend ka ardhur presidenti i Turqise se sotme e cila nuk ka asnje pretendim territorial ndaj ketij vendi, nuk po ju pushton fshatin a qytetin, thjesht po dorezon kontributin e popullit te tij per familjet e rrenuara nga termeti. Nuk ju detyron kush te jeni mirenjohes, por te ndalni peshtymat ndaj gjithkujt qe nuk mendon si ju ja vlen ta beni.

TRUE HEROES DO NOT DESTROY ANYTHING / I am talking about real heroes, made from wars for freedom; nor do I have it for those whose name is sung by the ignorant made together in the choir (O ??SALI (o Ilir, o Lulzim) O HERO, ALL OF ALBANIA WILL LOVE YOU!); I am talking about GEORGE KASTRIOT, whose fight for freedom is not undone, can not be forgotten by anyone; TRUE HEROES ARE NOT SEEN, THEY REMAIN FOREVER AND THIS IS GEORGE KASTRIOTI!

Therefore plenty of days of death;
Even after 554 years, here he is, in everyone, he did not disappear, he has always remained as Gjergji of the Albanians, not as Beu of the ignorant!