The first plenary session starts with nervousness, the deputies expelled from Basha also clash with Lindita Nikolla

The first plenary session starts with nervousness, the deputies expelled from

After Lindita Nikolla read the letter on the dismissals and dismissals from their duties, all the deputies expelled from Basha. Everyone in the bloc has refused and there have been clashes with the Speaker of Parliament Nikolla that he was not implementing the regulation well, and that the papers issued by the DP are null and part of a pact and protection of Edi Rama against Lulzim Basha.

Some of the reactions are as follows:

Spaho: Madam President, I did not think that Lulzim Brava would expel me. Now I am waiting to be assigned to exile, maybe in Grabjan of Lushnja. No one from the PD parliamentary group can exclude me. I entered when we chained Lenin's bust, he came directly minister. I can not exclude the one who introduced criminals in the DP. I'm glad I left a few lines away from his company. They have no future with him, with a man who has lost 4 pairs of elections. The day will come, do not remind distant that the citizens and members of the DP will give what they deserve.

Bylykbashi: The deputy voluntarily leaves the group. The Regulation and the Constitution do not provide any restrictions in this regard. This can not be done otherwise a dangerous precedent is set.

Noka: You have received orders from the head of the regime that the association of locks, latches and levers be treated with special love by you. You need this association because without it you are finished. Only then do you put the opposition in the bag and control pluralism. No one determines the affiliation of the deputies except the voter.