Grida Duma: I will join the protest called by Berisha on July 7

Grida Duma: I will join the protest called by Berisha on July 7

The PD MP, Grida Duma in an interview for News 24 has spoken in favor of the July 7 protest called by Sali Berisha.

Duma said the minimum Democrats can do is go to the protest and hold such causes high and be together.

Question: You have expressed that you will join this protest…

GridaDuma: Padiskutim ! The hierarchy of the DP, the minimum that should do and should do in my opinion, I say with a less advisory tone, as I understand the situation of the party and the challenges it has, the minimum is that in this important moment of strengthening the DP, that there is a party, they must do their duty to be together in causes.

In electoral and territorial reform to be together. if they are not together, they will be thinking about what is not the future. We need to think about a DP that is together. This issue should not be conveyed to us below, but this issue will keep us up.

Question: Will you join Berisha or are you in favor of any protest?

Grida Duma: I will not tell you here that I am in favor of any protest. Definitely yes! When I could I went. But a protest organized by Democrats is an obligation to be.