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How is the Russia-Ukraine war being reported in China?

How is the Russia-Ukraine war being reported in China?

Posts expressing support for each of the two countries now at war are being deleted daily in China - both for and against Russian military action.

"No one dares to support Ukraine now," one person wrote on Weibo, China's same Twitter program. "It shows only unilateral support for Russia."

This post was removed just like many others like it, according to Free Weibo, a platform that tracks Chinese censorship on the internet.

Social media platforms in China receive constant instructions from the government on how to act with specific content and are under constant pressure to act on the instructions.

The Chinese media regularly report on the situation in Ukraine, but do not call Russia's actions "war" or "occupation."

Doublethink Lab, which tracked real-time disinformation efforts, said the Chinese media were "regularly quoting misinformation and conspiracy theories from Russian sources."

False information, such as that the Ukrainians set fire to their nuclear power plant, is repeated by all Chinese media. There are also very few reports on resistance from the Ukrainian side and there are no reports on the Western reaction to the Russian occupation.