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After 3 storms within a week Great Britain prepares for flood

After 3 storms within a week Great Britain prepares for flood

Dozens of flood warnings have been issued across the UK after being hit by the third storm in a week.

The British Environment Agency has issued 184 flood warnings, including two severe warnings for the Manchester area.

Many residents were told by the Manchester Grand Council on Sunday to prepare for a possible evacuation as heavy rains brought by Strom Franklin were expected to fall on bases filled with rainfall collected during Hurricane Dudley and Hurricane Eunice over the past week. .

The Met Office had issued a weather warning for Northern Ireland, which was forecast to be hit by strong winds. A yellow warning was also issued for most of England.

The meteorological agency has warned there could be travel disruptions. Three people were killed in England by Hurricane Eunice, which swept through Ireland on Friday morning and the countries of northern Europe over the weekend.

At least 13 people lost their lives in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Belgium and Ireland together.

The storm caused major travel disruptions and left millions of families without power across the UK and northern Europe.