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The British counselor proposes replacing punishment with meditation in schools

The British counselor proposes replacing punishment with meditation in schools

One counselor has called on schools to provide meditation classes for returnees, instead of punishing them.

Shuguftah Quddoos, which represents the Berridge neighborhood on Nottingham City Council, made the suggestion during a discussion about high school exclusion rates.

Nottingham has one of the highest exclusion rates in England, but the idea was given to CEOs by two local school trustees.

Speaking at a meeting of the Children and Youth Monitoring Committee on Thursday, Quddoos said she was not convinced the sentence was the best approach for vulnerable youth.

"You are receiving a sentence, that sentence brings another. This punitive culture in schools if you are not on time, you are sanctioned and escalated. It is that culture. Can't we offer other sanctions? "Instead of punishing them, what if we give them half an hour of meditation at the end of the day," said Kuddoos.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service said the committee was discussing the high level of exclusion rates among high school students across the city.

Nottingham ranks eighth out of 152 local authorities in England for the number of exemptions, with persistent recurrence as the leading cause. The vast majority of those excluded were boys.

Quddoos suggested meditation for the Archway Learning Trust and the Djanogly Learning Trust, which run a number of schools throughout the city.

However, the two chief executives disagreed that there was a "punitive culture" and said the students needed routines and to follow routines "in preparation for life".