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'Green Super Certificate' enters into force / Italy tightens measures for unvaccinated

'Green Super Certificate' enters into force / Italy tightens measures

Italy tightens rules for the unvaccinated. Authorities have confirmed that the so-called "Green Super Certificate" will come into force, banning those immunized against COVID-19, those who have not been vaccinated or who have not had the infection in the last 6 months, from entering public places. closed as bars, restaurants, discos, theaters, stadiums and family or social parties.

The unvaccinated will continue to use the green certificate, the basis for public transport, where they are allowed to enter only with a negative test of the last 72 hours.

Evidence of negative test will continue to be accepted in workplaces, in the gym, in hotels and not many other places. In bars and restaurants it is not allowed to sit at the table for this category, except to take orders with you.

Fines are expected to be severe for violators, from 400 to 1 thousand euros. The Dragi government decided to tighten the measures after the significant increase of daily infections.

Since the start of this month, new cases are over 15 thousand, among the highest since April. The death toll has risen slightly. Without vaccination at high quotas at 79%, mortality could have been at the frightening quotas of the same period a year ago, 10 times higher.