Kosovo after 24 hours

Kosovo after 24 hours

On Sunday, a Kosovar policeman was killed by Serbian criminals. A group that took the monastery in Banjska hostage for several hours opened fire on the Kosovo Police.

Albin Kurti said that: "It is clear that these people, who are at least 30 people, represent an organized formation that seems to have come to fight in Kosovo."

Aleksander Vučić responded by telling him that Kurti had been provoking this situation for months.

"Serbs and not from central Serbia, but with Kosovo and Metohija rebelled, not wanting to suffer Kurti's terror anymore. Since November 3, when Kurti replaced the commander of the northern region from Berlin, Djuric, they have used this. Call the Kosovo police for the 62nd time against the Serbs, 22 call-in attacks and over 40 movements directed at the Serbs", said Vučič.

Joseph Borrel was criticized by Foreign Minister Donika Gërvalla for a pharmaceutical, neutral statement.

“Mr Borrell, really? Terrorists kill cops and you call 'all actors'? No word of support for the police? Not even against terrorists? Did you also refer to the terrorist attacks in Spain as 'hostile'?", writes Gërvalla.

There was support for Kosovo from Tirana. Today Edi Rama started the morning with a tribute message for the murdered police officer Afrim Bunjaku.


me përuljen me nderim për efektivin e Policisë së Kosovës, Afrim Bunjaku, i cili dha jetën në krye të detyrës🇽🇰 🇦🇱”, shkruan Rama.

Por Shqipëria është kritikuar për mospërmendjen e Serbisë në statuse. Si kryeministër Rama dhe Presidenti Begaj, e kanë shmangur, ashtu si edhe Borrel.

Ngjarjet në Kosovë janë në zhvillim.