The three signs that await a difficult Monday

The three signs that await a difficult Monday

Added to the rainy moon also the bad influence from the stars, must be very hard. What are the three signs?


This is the day when you would think that maybe you just should have stayed in bed. It will seem to you that everything is against you; you can not start, you can not stop, you can not progress. You are very well, you just need a break. This is the day you end up saying, 'I gave up today. You won.' There is always tomorrow.


What will affect your situation is that everything you do will either be postponed or canceled. If you try, you will be challenged. If you start, you will stop. If you ask for help, you will not get it. However, it is a good day to read a book or enjoy a series. Staying alone is highly advised.


What will be most apparent today is that you can not adjust your mood. You feel like you are in a downward spiral and you may not even know why. It's one of those 'inner' things where you can not understand the reason, but the symptoms are definitely there. This is your day - tense, confusing because you can not understand why you are so tense and sad because this is not what you wanted this day to be. The transition of the planets is to blame.