Libra and 2 other zodiac signs are aggressive

Libra and 2 other zodiac signs are aggressive

We all know, at least, a person in life who becomes aggressive even without any reason. It is difficult to have a healthy debate with them and often the conversations end in quarrels. They are cold-blooded and aggressive. They can get into unnecessary quarrels and can drag them on for a long time.

Such people, in most cases, are disliked and often people avoid close contact with them to avoid getting stuck in uncomfortable situations.

Here are three signs of the zodiac that are aggressive, according to astrology:


Libra can be extremely aggressive sometimes. If they are in a bad mood, it may not be the best option to have a conversation with them. They may need their time and space, and when someone intervenes they will become irritated.


A Gemini is also a hot-tempered person. He or she may behave aggressively when things do not go well. They like to be the ones in charge of things and when they feel their power can go away, aggressive behavior is their preferred option. In this way they think they can prove their dominance and ability.


Aries is a person with a good heart. However, they cannot tolerate injustice. And when they find themselves or their relatives in such a situation, their aggression comes to the rescue. They believe that when words do not work, it is actions that speak.