Horoscope for February 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 9 by Russell Grant


A small problem will turn into a big obstacle. You wouldn't have expected to have to spend this long to get a job done, but it is possible if you persist. Overcome all the difficulties and disappointments and your effort will be applauded by many.


You can't help but wonder how and where you're going wrong when no progress is being made. Despite your best efforts, you can't see a change. The reason is that you are trying too hard. You will finally get results.


Sometimes it pays to listen to the advice of people who have more experience. When a colleague or relative warns you to look before you act, they really do have your concerns. If you still decide to move forward, don't expect them to bail you out when you find yourself in trouble.

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As long as your efforts within a team of like-minded people get results, you will continue. What is important is that you are helping to move this group toward a meaningful goal. Your kindness will increase your prestige in ways you never expected or anticipated.


Getting involved in a new group activity won't be easy at first. You will not relax until you get to know everyone and most importantly until you feel familiar with the part you have to play within this team. Once you decide on this project, your confidence will increase.


It's increasingly difficult to monitor what your partner is spending and vice versa. This is causing confusion and misunderstandings about a joint financial account. Keeping your bank accounts separate is starting to look like a much better idea.


Someone close is in a sensitive state of mind. You like to think you're always diplomatic, but since they feel so affected, you can easily say the wrong thing. Wait another time to bring up a sensitive topic for discussion, or you can expect an explosive reaction.


You don't want to accept help from others. In fact some experienced people will be happy to help you and this will increase your chances of success. It is not necessary or possible for you to do everything yourself.


Overcome your fears and follow your heart. Trust that the options now before you will eventually bring you happiness. A difficult decision must be made. These choices wouldn't be available if you weren't ready for them. Go for what you really want.


Show a better version of yourself by agreeing to at least consider an offer that is made to you. Even if it's not the one that appeals, people will respect your willingness to find a compromise. The conversations will touch on some sensitive topics and you will understand from the beginning that you will not get out of this conversation well.


Worrying about the health of a young person in the family will be relieved very soon. Although their symptoms will force them to stay at home, they will suddenly recover quickly and no further treatment will be required.


Don't let the fact that a contract involves a family member stop you from checking the details. Be aware of all clauses and stipulations. If you notice a potential gap, ask before you sign.