Horoscope for February 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 20 by Russell Grant


There are no rules that say you cannot accept more than two offers or opportunities. There is a spread of options ahead. Taking a class will be the chance you've been looking for to turn a raw talent into a practical skill.


Someone has cut a long way. Now you understand that this is why a job keeps going wrong. Now that you know what's causing the problem, all it takes is a little work on it and you'll soon have everything moving forward once again.


It is fair to ask questions about an incident that has caused some controversy. There has been some progress, but it is not enough. You are going in the right direction. To get results, continue to take a proactive approach to problems.

The crab

There is great value in taking on some work. You will get things done in your own time. You may agree to take on some other commitments, but you will not put yourself under any pressure.


Going out into the garden will seem therapeutic. In addition to improving your health and well-being, there is also a social side to being outdoors with others who share your love of nature.


Only discuss your thoughts with people you can trust. You don't want your words to start a rumor you never intended to start. One will make it clear that a certain amount of misinformation is not to be believed. They will have evidence to back up their words.


Do not suffer in silence if the demands placed on you now are too heavy. If you need more time to complete a project, ask for it. You like to feel that you are making others happy by helping them, but your own happiness is also important. Taking a leave of absence will give you a chance to consider your situation.


A project you are working on will stall. It's frustrating when the people who are supposed to help are nowhere to be found. No one should expect you to do a difficult job alone. Cooperation and help can be obtained with a little patience.


Instead of keeping away people who see the dark side of situations, you see it as a challenge to do your best to motivate them. You will enjoy working as a team and encouraging others to find solutions to problems.


If you are learning new skills, you need to talk and ask questions. It can all seem overwhelming at first, but follow along with a little guidance from an expert and you'll be excited to move forward with your studies.


Avoid discussing money matters if you think you or someone else will find out more about the situation. Steer conversations to safer topics such as favorite food, sports interests and hobbies. A calm attitude will attract the right kind of opportunities your way.


A personal wish is about to be fulfilled. It's only a matter of time before you reach a special goal. Have something to celebrate and it will create a party-like atmosphere this evening. A surprise offer will positively affect your financial situation.