Horoscope for April 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 20 by Russell Grant


Your magnetic personality draws people to you. Creativity and enthusiasm flow through your veins and this stimulates new ideas and activities. If you've been thinking about starting a group project, now is the time to do it. The secret to your success is your ability to make everything sound exciting.


It has been difficult to express your thoughts and feelings. You've been holding in a lot. Ideas are formed in your mind. You have made some important decisions, but you also need to be careful about who you share them with and how you explain them to other people.


You have devoted a lot of time and energy to others. Are you forgetting yourself? Remember: nothing pours from an empty cup. Set aside some time for self-care. Treat yourself to a spa treatment, delicious meal, or a long soak in an aromatic bath.

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Daily rates are increasing. There doesn't seem to be anything you can do to reduce these and it's infuriating. Whether it's about customer service or ongoing fees, people are determined to have their opinions heard, but it can seem like no one is listening.


Persistence pays off. Sometimes you may feel depressed about not achieving certain goals. Yet you continued. The goals and ambitions that you have devoted a lot of time to will now come true. Success will put you in the spotlight.


You should not be too disappointed if some social or travel plans are canceled at the last minute. Look at this as a chance to relax and recharge your mind and body. Spend some time in a peaceful environment and this evening you should feel fresher and more energetic.


Let common sense be your guide and you won't go far wrong. Although you like to use your imagination, there is a time and place for everything and right now it will be your practical skills that serve you best. Avoid a friend who is likely to lead you astray.


You are about to achieve something you have wanted for a long time. One seems to think that in addition to your current commitments you can get more. You can't be a workhorse all the time, and you'll be the one to convince them to start taking their responsibilities more seriously.


A team effort will benefit from something creative. Your partner or a close friend will add a touch of fun and enjoyment to your day by either having some good news to share with you or sharing some vacation days with you.


The need for greater freedom is becoming too urgent to ignore. People who know you for your reliability and reliable performance will be surprised to hear your future plans. You are determined to make some changes and nothing else will stop you.


Your thirst for knowledge will prompt you to start seeking information, new knowledge and new experiences. If you're serious about updating your skills or learning something new, enrolling in an online course will provide you with that much-needed intellectual stimulation.


You have a hard time keeping your mind on what you are doing. Your thoughts are everywhere. It's always hard to focus when you're anxious. People who are close to you seem to understand what you are going through and will show you patience and understanding.