Horoscope for April 11 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 11 by Russell Grant


Don't make things difficult for yourself by trying to understand the reasons and current difficulties. Planning ahead can help you overcome obstacles you are anticipating now. Give yourself time to look at all angles of the situation. Don't expect too much from yourself and others.


Don't hide in the background if you're learning something new, or starting a complicated course of study. Speak up if there's anything you can't understand rather than trying to fight in the hope that things will eventually change.


You have always been a good mediator. People know that you can take a logical stand when helping to resolve disputes. If a colleague or relative is acting without thinking about anyone but themselves, you will be asked to intervene. However, it will not be easy to find a way to end their selfishness.

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If a job or money problem seems insurmountable, talk to a professional. Getting help is at least doing something. The problem does not go away by denying it. Face your fear and you will be able to do something.


If you don't feel valued in your job or the work you do on a volunteer basis, it's time to look for something else. Start applying. Update your CV to include relevant points and go on as many interviews as possible.


A positive mental attitude will help you make the most of whatever you face. You will turn problems into learning experiences. You also want to feel that you can be practical for other people.


You have given so much to a relationship and it has not been returned to you in equal measure. There is an emotional imbalance when both differ in feelings and views. A friend or partner has commitment issues or wants to see the world without establishing a solid foundation.


Before accepting a job offer, check that there are no other options that you haven't considered. Explore what else may be available. If you've been thinking about moving, check with an estate agent. You will be among the first to hear about an ideal property that has just come on the market.


Make finances a priority. It is vital in your case to have control over your finances. The more debt accumulated, the less time you will have to enjoy your favorite activities. Let go of financial obligations.


An open-hearted conversation will restore emotional connections. You will feel more relaxed when you are with your family and you will be better able to talk about concerns and ideas without fear of censorship. It will be nice to speak your thoughts out loud without having to think carefully about what you say.


Keep hoping that things will go your way. You may be waiting for answers or waiting for other people to decide for you. This will slow progress, but keep at it. Don't rush. Walk slowly.


You are encouraged to take on new responsibilities. If other people have faith in you, you should also have faith in yourself. When you are offered an impressive task, you should not hesitate to accept it.