Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week from February 19 to 25, you will be annoyed by the attempts of various people to somehow influence your personal, domestic and professional affairs.

In love, events will be difficult to predict, as there will be a different development for the relationships already established and for those that will be born during these seven days.

The week brings serious conversations related to your personal life, but their seriousness should not be limited to any dramatization of certain words, events or actions.

This will be a favorable week to discuss and make decisions about the property you or your family own. You will be able to get relief from things of material nature that are bothering you. Even if any tension arises, it will be short-lived.

During these seven days, patience, understanding and sometimes diplomacy will be required of you when choosing or acting on important tasks involving a child or young person in your circle of relatives.

Use the favorable days of this week to resolve some concerns or fears related to your work.

In general, this week will be important for you to look good, show goodwill and be responsible, qualities that will open many doors for you.

Boys and girls will have to slow down the pace at which they have been living for the past few months. You are entering an important time when you need to carefully consider everything you commit to, especially if it has to do with your studies or work. During this week you can easily lose confidence, positions and even personal belongings. If you manage to maintain an almost constant concentration and control over the important things in life, then the positive results this week will fascinate you. Pleasant emotions in your personal life are also not excluded, where there will be more romance and pleasant experiences.

Men will face some unexpected situations related to the temperament of family members, colleagues, friends or neighbors. Lack of good manners can complicate a conflict situation. Problems at home will require attention this week. Java brings an experience related to a woman from your circle of relatives or friends.

Women will have a clearer vision of things in life: relationships, work, goals. You will act quickly, but not hastily, on things that are important to your future.


During the week from February 19 to 25, you will spend and experience an interesting week, in which thanks to your actions you will experience many emotions and important events.

You'll probably already have some plans at the beginning of this seven-day period for the tasks you'll want to tackle. Circumstances will definitely be on your side, but nothing will happen without your efforts.

Your efforts should not be related to any form of pressure, because a good thing can very quickly turn against you like a boomerang.

Many will have to clarify various concerns related to their personal or professional life.

During this week you will be surprised by a conversation or action on the part of a person, relative or friend.

The week predicts concerns or events related to a health problem of a person who lives near you.

This will be a favorable week to complete a cycle of development in a certain area of ​​life, but whether it will bring you success or failure will depend only on your actions.

The balance of what you have achieved may be contradictory, but you will definitely want better results or greater successes.

During the week you will receive news about an important event in the life of a person with whom you have a common past.

During the week, a financial dispute or conflict may arise. You will have disputes over matters related to some property.

Some of the unfinished tasks or commitments during the week will still have some time to implement in the coming week, but delaying them will not benefit you.

Boys and girls will spend a complicated week, difficult to predict. It will be very important for you to keep yourself clean, not to allow fraud or dishonest actions in your affairs and above all to grow. Difficulties await you that will help you grow or you will remain at a relatively low level of development. The choice will be yours.

Men will be engaged this week in tasks related to male relatives. It will be a very interesting and productive period of time in which you will have the opportunity to implement your plans. It will be interesting and useful for you to communicate with people from the circle of friends or acquaintances.

Women will devote a lot of time to spiritual development, spiritual practices related to your physical and emotional health. It is possible that an event will provoke you again or develop your interest in life after death. It will be a very interesting week, because every single event will leave a strong mark on your life. Your expectations for certain events will be adjusted by various surprising occurrences.