Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week from February 12 to 18, you will be asked to look more responsibly at the problems you have in your romantic relationship or marriage. In no case do not allow yourself to rely on the promises or the routine that you have created in your relationship. If you show arrogance or if you ignore your partner's attempts to change your relationship, then this week may surprise you with an unpleasant situation. It is possible to experience another situation in which stable relationships will be attacked by the intrigues or malicious actions of other people. In any case, do not underestimate the events that will happen in your personal life during these seven days. During the week you will have different occasions for gatherings or special conversations with friends. In most cases, these things will be related to important moments in the lives of people who live some distance from you. It would be good to accept at the beginning of the week the fact that very few of your expectations for the week will happen as you plan. There will always be something that will change them, or make their implementation too stressful. During the week, avoid opposing children or young people who want to realize some of their ideas or goals. If your opinion is that they will make a big mistake, try to influence them with reasonable arguments. Otherwise, let them experience what they are meant to experience. Boys and girls will show very strongly one trait of their character: the desire to defend their position at all costs. This may be appropriate behavior, but it may also be a sign that you still have a lot to learn about human relationships. Dealing with someone older than you will reveal the very things you need to learn. During the week you will have dreams related to people you have never seen before in your life or those who have already passed away. Men will have to be diplomatic to overcome a direct conflict with a person who you know has no feelings for you. Your hidden and open enemies will be very active this week. This will require you to rethink your behavior towards certain people. Women will be in the mood for romance, love, romantic surprises and other emotional experiences. Have interesting meetings, gatherings or participation in events related to a larger audience (including an online event). You will make interesting plans for the future and you will be optimistic because of the support you receive.


During the week from February 12 to 18, it is advisable to avoid tension, stress and panic, because the cause of such conditions will not bring you anything positive as an experience or result achieved during these seven days. The reason for such situations can also be your excessive emotionality, which can cause unexpected conflicts. If you manage to protect yourself from such experiences, you will have a week ahead in which you will feel the protection of fate and its favor towards you in one way or another. During these seven days, you will talk about past events or return to your old friends and acquaintances because of various news related to them. Unexpectedly, some truths or secrets will come to light that you will not like, even though their meaning is no longer important. During the week, you will experience moments of emotional tension in the family or in your home, due to disagreements about more important topics for the family. Try to adapt to the events and people you will come into contact with during these seven days. Be calm and humble, patient and diplomatic. This is the time when you can show how much your soul has grown and whether you have gathered enough wisdom to teach and guide others. The week may be remembered by some of you with special moments in love. This will be a good time to look for a new life partner through various specialized agencies for this. You have a decision to make about an event that will take place this week. Boys and girls will have an interesting and generally positive week where they will have better hopes for their future. You will be more liked by others or you will be able to present yourself better in front of important people. Very important for you during these seven days will be your ability to communicate with others and to be a good listener. The week will be remembered with an event or an experience related to a woman, most likely older than you. New acquaintances will be interesting, but do not rush to turn your back on your old friends. You'll need them again soon. Men will feel the lack of energy to carry out important tasks during this week. Minor illnesses, physical discomforts or other discomforts are possible. Your homework will require special attention. A close person will need care. Women will have joint plans and commitments with other women who may be family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Home and family duties and responsibilities will also be a priority for you during the week.