Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week of June 17 - 23, contradictions or confusing situations may arise in your communication with colleagues, managers or clients. Misunderstandings or contradictions can be of a very different nature, but in most cases they will affect you mainly emotionally.

During the week, expenses related to a child or relative are possible, which will definitely be for something important, necessary and urgent.

Some of you may receive money in connection with a child, which will also be for some specific purpose.

During this week, you may find something lost or forgotten, discover important information related to events from your past that have hurt or damaged you in some way. This is a time when you will understand the true nature of some people, something that has eluded you until now.

Whatever difficulties you may be going through this week, nothing will create major drama or turmoil in your life.

Old commitments can cause temporary tension in the family, with relatives or with representatives of any institution.

Boys and girls will have to approach much more practically, diplomatically and with patience in solving the problems that will arise during this week. Do not rush to act emotionally without thinking the situation through or seeking advice from experienced people. During these seven days you will find it difficult to maintain a good mood and very often you will fall into pessimism. There is no point in considering the week as a difficult period, but take advantage of the advice and spend these seven days with wisdom and maturity in your behavior.

Men will have to listen carefully to what a woman will try to tell them. The intervention of this woman in your life this week will not be accidental and will not be to your detriment. It can be a person who lives in another place of residence, even if you do not know him personally, but it can be your virtual acquaintance, a mentor or a person you respect. The week brings many meetings that will fill you with emotions, information, different knowledge and in some cases you may even meet new people.

Women this week will show unusual impatience, nervousness and a desire to have things happen their way at any cost. Do you realize that you can very easily encounter resistance from other people? It may be more difficult for you to communicate with family members, as you know very well how to hurt each other with some sarcastic or insulting words. The week can be remembered with an important event or with a change in your place of work or business.


During the week of June 17-23, you will have to commit to some important decisions or changes. It will be important for you not to be afraid of new things in your life.

Be patient, build the new things in your life by adapting to the changes where you live or work. This is your evolutionary process and don't go against it.

The week will be favorable for the development of judicial or legal cases.

During these seven days you will have commitments related to a child, grandchild or another young person in your family.

This week will be important for the preparation and realization of your important tasks and plans related to a house that you or your family own. Use these seven days for repairs, construction, farm or garden work, if necessary.

To a large extent, the week will also be favorable for your family efforts or commitments.

During these seven days, it will be important to take time to balance and plan your financial resources. Focus your attention on outstanding payments and financial obligations.

Boys and girls will spend a week in which they will have to think carefully and review their attitude regarding various events that they will witness or in which they will have some participation. It is possible that your expectations will blur with reality and you will find yourself in a delicate or unfavorable situation. This will be an important and favorable week to engage in work related to documents, contractual relations and agreements, or any other type of document.

Men will spend a week in which they will have to live at a fast pace, complete tasks relatively quickly and above all with greater organization. It will be difficult for you if you have any partnership with people who have the same temperament as you. Despite some mild and surmountable trials, this week can bring you significant progress and realization of plans. It can give you luck as well as various chances to help you achieve what you have planned for these seven days.

Women will tend to spend more time with their old and new friends, which is fine as long as it doesn't waste your time. Those of you who value every minute of your life, wanting to spend it in the best and productive way, will be able to calculate good results and success. This week may please you with various purchases for the home, but conflicts may arise over their purchase or use. Most of you will remember this week with an important event related to a boy or a man.