Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week from February 12 to 18, you will be surprised by conflicts in the family or with relatives, which will definitely arise over something small, insignificant. There will definitely be things that you will accept this way, but the other side's opinion will be significantly different. Perhaps manifestations or unrealistic expectations of an event will be at the root of these unpleasant meetings. During the week you will have more expenses than you planned and although they will be for good things, this may be cause for worry and fear of a crisis in the family budget. Be careful with the financial documents you hold (such as bank cards, etc.) that can be appropriated and used without your consent. Java heralds interesting or curious news related to people who live at a distance from you. Many will use these seven days to make a decision or work out important details about the upcoming trip. You will not be surprised by an invitation to visit the home of friends or relatives who live in a village, city or other country. During the week, actions related to improvements or repairs to items at home or other type of property that your family owns will require attention. Wrong or hasty actions are possible, which will bring delays, but generally such situations will have a favorable outcome. Boys and girls will spend a week where appearance, personal comfort and self-confidence will be very important and will be your priority. There's nothing wrong with that, but you still don't live alone. Therefore, let everything in your life be balanced and created, achieved in harmony with the people of your family. During the week, invest resources and time in making your loved one feel happy and loved. This attention of yours may be related to health or some drama that this person is going through. Men, regardless of what plans they have for this week, various reasons will keep them at home more or engage in more household chores. Sometimes this may not impress you, but at other times you will want to go somewhere, be alone with yourself. You will have a hard time showing the emotions that are inside you, but you will definitely be tormented by some fears or anxieties. Women will have to more strictly control their desire to buy this and that, for things that tomorrow will not matter at all. Contractual relations with unknown people will require caution.


During the week from February 12 to 18, you will visit different institutions, places or people. These actions of yours will be related to the expenses or other financial actions that you will undertake during these days or in the near future. You are likely to have meetings and conversations with friends or relatives, who will share their financial problems with you and are likely to seek help or advice from you.,Unfortunately, this week will sadden many people with some news. unpleasant related to the development of a health problem for someone you know. During these seven days you will have a favorable time to organize or take a trip with your lover or family, so it is not necessary to have any special occasion. A visit to interesting places or an interesting event is possible. During this week you will enjoy news from afar, related to a person with whom you have an old acquaintance or who is your relative. Your life this week will be saturated with a series of social, professional and friendly contacts, with people of different interests, nationalities or religions. Boys and girls will experience some health problems related to various infections, colds, tension due to greater stress or due to any chronic, genetic disease. This will be a favorable week for travel, despite the concerns that may arise. Your friendships will develop harmoniously, especially if you managed to choose your friends well in the past year in terms of sincerity and honesty towards you. Men will have small but varied occasions for joy and pleasant moments. You will pay special attention to the documents you have to deal with in the new week. You will spend a favorable time for those related to your financial interests. This week brings an emotional experience for you regarding a loved one. Women will be moving fast almost all week. You will always have many tasks, many people will rely on you and your time will fly without giving you enough time to rest. News will come from near or far, from different sources and with different information (positive or negative). First of all, those related to your family or relatives will cause turmoil.