Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


If you were born under the sign of Libra, during the week from February 12 to 18, your mood will often change between positive emotions and moments of greater stress or panic. During these seven days, with a good will on your part, you will manage to get out of the pessimistic or depressive mood very quickly, but you can also deepen them, subjecting yourself to fear or various manipulations. The week brings disappointment or an unpleasant event related to a person you consider a close friend or a special person in your life. You will enjoy various events or news related to travel or people from different distances. These things bring very strong emotions or will be the harbinger of important changes in your life. This will be especially felt for those of you who have a partner at home or abroad. The week will be favorable for traveling for the purpose of a romantic meeting or for love experiences. During this week, you will have more work and new professional engagements will arise. However, accepting them will require you to have additional conversations with people you do not know or have not worked with before. You will be pleased or surprised by news related to the career or future of a relative, most likely from your family. Boys and girls will face the first serious difficulties of this year. They will be so complicated that you will either have to rely on the help of people close to you. At the same time, the week will bring you new opportunities to find a job that will provide you with significant income, etc. Men will be able to achieve good results in work or tasks related to family or career, but it will be good to avoid the greatest physical or mental stress. You know very well what your options are, so consider them and don't cause yourself health or physical problems. Those of you who are struggling with any pre-existing illness will have a favorable week for treatment and therapy. Moments of tension will be associated with your inner feelings of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Women will enter this week with expectations for the successful implementation of personal or professional plans. You will rely on promises already made to you or support from the people you work with. Those of you who have a child of your own will need to fulfill your promise or help develop a talent or interest of your child. Your duties will not diminish during these seven days, on the contrary. More people will lean on you or ask for help, advice or support.


During the week of February 12 to 18, the actions or topics of conversation you will have with people in your circle of friends may surprise you. This week predicts important and interesting events with people you know or have been friends with for many years. You will need to visit a government, banking, tax or judicial institution. It is likely that these are pre-planned actions related to an important conversation, arranging documents or attending an official meeting. During the week you can expect good news in your home regarding your financial interests or the financial success of a person in your circle of relatives. You will be able to arrange an important document or contract for the home and family. You will find a favorable solution to a complicated situation with someone with whom you may have family or professional contacts. Some of you will remember this week with an unexpected solution to a seemingly hopeless situation.

Boys and girls will have to exchange information or experience with people with whom they have a common activity, classmates, colleagues, etc. You will have to talk more often on the phone with people who will be important for the good implementation of your daily plans. Men must be prepared to react and act in an unusual or unexpected situation. Day after day will not be the same, nor will you be able to plan the next day. You may have to travel unexpectedly or receive important news from another country. There will be a lot of movement in your life this week, but you will also need a lot of patience. There will be a lot to be happy about, something to be proud of and satisfied with, but most of all you have a lot of work ahead of you. Women will have to take the financial resources in the family into their own hands. Ahead are some greater difficulties or expenses, which will require attention, calculation and precision. You may have tasks related to various documents or contracts of a financial nature, but whatever you are involved with during these seven days, you will succeed. An unpleasant news will affect you emotionally because it will be related to a person you know or respect (a public figure).