Dashi javor horoscope - Demi

Dashi javor horoscope - Demi


During the week from February 12 to 18, you will discuss with friends or relatives the future of a person from your circle.

You are ready to make important decisions that will not only affect you, but will also reflect in some way on the people in your immediate environment.

This week you may be surprised by news related to the birth of a child.

During the week, be careful what you buy for home or work. Look at the smallest details so that you are not surprised by the manufacturer or the quality.

During the week, you will enjoy spending more time with friends.

During the week, expect a good development of your professional commitments and plans.

This will be a favorable week to look for a new job, start a new activity, or start a new career.

Boys and girls will spend seven days in which they will be able to make real progress in matters important to their future: education, career, family. You will need to make important decisions or make changes in your life. You will welcome the influence of other people, especially at times when you will have to make decisions about your future. If you have reason to contact a judicial or legal institution, there are unlikely to be any surprises. Be careful and help those younger than you, especially if they are part of your family.

Men will have to take their new duties and responsibilities more seriously. It is possible to commit to something for which you do not have enough experience, but you can always learn something new or ask for help from people more experienced than you. Your love life will be an important factor in your mood and self-esteem.

Women will have new engagements with other women, both from their circle of relatives and friends. You will expect to spend a week of more pleasant communication with people from different distances, but your tasks related to daily life will be many and should not be neglected in any case.

Overall, expectations are for a quiet week without any shocks. A celebration in the family or in your circle of relatives is likely to happen.


During the week of February 12 to 18, expect to have more meetings or contacts with friends who will have something to teach you or provide you with useful information and knowledge.

Especially interesting and useful for you will be friendly or professional relations with people who have been abroad.

During this week, a misunderstanding may arise that will turn into an argument or conflict with a woman. It can be a person who lives in another place of residence or is temporarily located where you live.

In general, the week may put more pressure on you in carrying out your daily tasks.

The week will be remembered with some unpleasant news that may be related to work or any institution. The unpleasant moment here will be related to the fact that you previously had more optimistic expectations for the development of the given situation or relationship.

During the week, avoid conflicts or confrontations with colleagues and supervisors.

During the week you will receive news that will make you sad or disappointed, but not necessarily worry you directly.

Boys and girls will have to devote more energy and attention to school, university or professional pursuits and tasks. These things should be your priority at all costs. You may have meetings or conversations about matters important to your development, education and career.

During these seven days, not every task, job or responsibility will be pleasant for you, but good emotions will come when you successfully complete them.

Men will be very active this week, because there will be a lot of dynamics in terms of your social and professional contacts.

Various events will take place much more dynamically and interestingly in the country where you live. You will seek and provide important information to friends, colleagues, like-minded people.

Your personal time will be small, but the results will be worth your efforts.

Women will go through different moments of panic, fear, self-doubt, insecurity, rather under the influence of other people than due to the occurrence of real situations. Comments from people in your family, neighbors or casual acquaintances can have a very negative effect on you. The surprises during the week will be interesting, but even more interesting will be your reactions to them.